Yuletide Letter 2017

Oct. 8th, 2017 08:51 pm
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Dear yuletide writer,

I always write too much for these things. Luckily, I think it's mostly out of my system in the prompts.

I fall in love easily with minor and original characters, and I love cameos and sly references to related timelines. I enjoy stories that grapple with questions; they don't necessarily need to provide answers. I'm not a stickler on canon-details so please play fast and loose to get to the story/impact you want. Tropes I enjoy: identity porn, time-travel, incongruous social media (except for LYB), posthuman morality questions. It would also be neat to see the crossing over of these canons with any of the others (except LYB again).

Please let the prompts make your life easier and toss them out if they don't. Thank you for writing for me and have fun!


Prompt links: [L'Engleverse][琅琊榜|Nirvana in Fire][Lois & Clark][Wonder Woman(DCEU)][Dragonriders of Pern]

Yuletide Request Details 2017

Oct. 8th, 2017 08:51 pm
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[Dear Author/Artist letter found here]

1. L'Engleverse
Joshua Archer; Kali Cutter; Vicky Austin; Adam Eddington
I would be happy with a story that doesn't include all of these characters.
DNW: A primary focus on infidelity drama.

However, a minor focus would be fine if you want to include that sort of tension. I love all of these characters and would be interested in all of their interactions with one another. I also ship all of them with one another (or at least want to see them stuffed into the same space).

Bend time and space so Josh can meet adult Adam again, more established and sure of himself; let grown Kali sweep Vicky off her feet and be swept up in turn; terrify Josh with Kali's underaged advances; take Adam and Vicky on a nice date in Portugal, and maybe meet the Murry-O'Keefe's or run into Kali or any other character in this great weird universe.

Or focus on just one of them, how they grow and change over time (probably not poor Josh), or what they were like when they were young (except maybe Vicky).

2. 琅琊榜 | Nirvana in Fire
Mu Ni Huang; Qin Ban Ruo; Grand Princess Liyang; Consort Jing
I would be happy with a story that doesn't include all of these characters.

First, in case you also find this canon intimidating, I haven't read the (translation of the) novel, and I don't expect you to have either, and I care much more about good storytelling than accurate historical details. However, I love the context of this canon and would prefer something set somewhere in this time and setting (as opposed to, say, a modern AU).

I plucked my favourite women from the list, but truthfully, a fic that focuses on any of the female characters in this canon will make me very happy. In terms of relationships, I'm very interested in their relationships with each other and other women; I also ship Nihuang with her two boys and Xiadong, Consort Jing with Consort Chen, Liyang with her husband/first love/self-preservation, and Banruo with her duty and her princess(es).

Nihuang must be a like a daughter to Consort Jing the way Lin Shu was like another son; I would love to see them in some sort of team-up managing the new court, carrying on the Jiangzou alliance, or small ways they would care for one another.

Grand Princess Liyang is both isolated and protected by her position away from the inner court and Consort Jing had to jump through hoops to see her, but maybe after the events of the show, they might see each other more often? Or, newly widowed, does Liyang ever travel to visit her first love?

Banruo is so intelligent and empowered by her princess, and if it weren't for MCS, she could have gotten so far. One idea is for a canon divergence AU. [spoilers:] I believe the secret weapon Hua Princess Xuanji left her was to protect her/their interests in the event she succeeded… and Prince Yu truly followed in the footsteps of his father vis-à-vis how he treats his former allies.

3. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Lois Lane; Clark Kent
DNW: major character death.

Ahh the first and true Lois Lane of my heart, and the Clark that loves her. My canon-knowledge is strongest in the earlier seasons, but don't limit yourself—you don't even need to stay in this universe if you carry their characterization along. I am a total sucker for their dynamic, both on and off the job. Also, Superman is where my identity porn was born, so anything with this will be a sure winner.

How do they handle those small problems that come with cohabitating; how do they handle the enormous problems that come with superheroics and investigative journalism? Sic some sort of terrifying Star Trek trope on them or take them curtain shopping; as long as it's this Lois and Clark, I'll be delighted.

4. Wonder Woman (DCEU)
Isabel Maru
DNW: for Isabel to have died with the end of the movie, or a heavy focus on Nazi... stuff if you're going that direction in future fic.

If you just reference it a little, that's fine and I'm sure you would write it thoughtfully and respectfully. I am interested in future!fic for her, and there are all kinds of fan theories of what direction she could choose to take. Does she ever meet Diana again/how would that go down? Does her superpower-vapor ever come into play again? Could it help her survive to the modern-day? Backstory!fic would be really interesting too, or canon divergence. Doctor Poison is such a supervillain name.

Everyone was my favourite character in the movie, but Dr. Maru fascinates me the most. She's a pretty terrible and sadistic person and I'd love to see more of the humanity in her (without negating that). The way Steve chose to flirt with her (flattery; science-talk; nihilism) seemed to be working; ship her with another villain/ess?

5. Dragonriders of Pern – Anne McCaffrey
AIVAS; Masterharper Robinton; Lessa; Menolly
I would be happy with a story that doesn't include all of these characters.

This request is motivated by the fact that I probably had a baby's adolescent crush on every character here. Definitely including AIVAS. I'd love to see any combination of these four in a missing scene or alternate timeline. In terms of tropes, I also love that time-travel is readily available as an option if you want to attempt including that.


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