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Community description:A general discussion community for Animorphs
This is a general discussion community for K. A. Applegate and Michael Grant's young-adult sci-fi series Animorphs. Anyone is free to join and discuss the plot, characters, species, and themes of the books, post fanfiction and fanart, and make friends with other Animorphs fans.

The rules of the community:

  • Be respectful toward the maintainers and other members of the community.
  • Since the series is being re-released starting this year, always use a cut tag to hide any spoilers from books that have not yet been re-released. This includes character introductions/departures/deaths/revelations, quotes that might spoil the plot of a book, ending details, etc.
  • Discussions of an adult nature are permitted, but if a post gets too heated then please mark the entry as mature. (Scroll down to "You can also set Age Restriction Filters on your individual journal entries.)


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