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When I went to edit the Spoiler Policy post (since, lol, that re-release never went anywhere) I accidentally wound up deleting it. Ah, whoops.

Community members, do you all think we still need a spoiler policy?
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Talk about mood whiplash!
spoilers: book 24 )

Modest Marco!

Modest Marco!

Feel free to add your own quotes!

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Have at it! (Bwah-hahaha, someone actually added their own quote to the more realistic looking bird, which I find beautiful.)


Here. I have been hoping some nice fan-clothes designs would come out of the internet someday.

I found it while surfing the Animorphs tag on Tumblr.

Andalite Government/Economy

Does anyone have any ideas of what the order of government Andalites had, or their economic system? What did you think, based off of the books?

In the books, Yeerks spoke about buying certain space stations or crafts, such as in Visser. But at other points Ax or Elfangor would seem confused about money (I always figure these things are probably KASUs, because it seems if you were encountering other species you'd be familiar with money, same as their understanding that other species had mouths.)

They seem to have rituals that tie back to the people and the government (like the morning ritual) possibly have restrictions on the amount of children families can have (The Andalite Chronicles), and they have the Electorate which theoretically represents the people.

Does anyone want to extrapolate or offer further details?

Hello Everyone!

Did anyone go to the Michael Grant signing today out in the bay area? I didn't, I heard about it yesterday morning but I had work today; even if I hadn't I doubt I would have driven that far - but I was still excited.

I was just noticing that Hirac Delest has been updated; it looks like Michael Grant and K.A. Applegate will be working on another book together. (Eve And Adam And.) It sounds like it might be interesting, usually the things they worked on together were, but are there any thoughts?

I also saw covers as late as The Stranger, which makes me incredibly excited; I have the new books through The Message right now. To save on shipping I let a few books come out before I get more.

We Couldn't Make It Icon-Sized

This would be an awesome icon though.
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Naive Aximili Meme

Well everyone, from posting last week I thought about how cool it would be to get the 'Naive Aximili' meme to be an option again. I was speaking with another user who is a fan from another Animorphs fan website. This user worked on making the image over again so we could upload it to meme generators and have a fun time making memes. The popular one (memegenerator.net) seems to be down, but through quickmeme.com we now have a 'Naive Aximili' option:

And that same user is working on making memes for all the main Animorphs characters! So please feel free to spread the joy and quotes. Also, and without leaving anyone to further wonder who has done this nice thing for us, please welcome [personal profile] goom. I was going to wait until we had all the characters done to make one big introduction post, but he was pretty anxious about showing the Ax one.
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Naive Aximili Meme

I was doing a Google search on Aximili (image search) and I found a "Naive Aximili Meme" with this:

Apparently this meme never took off, which is a shame because that would have been awesome. There were a few other ones, and I sort of wonder if it can be dredged back out, especially having had the reprint and everything...

Animorph Reprints

Where have you been getting your reprints of Animorphs, for those of you who are getting them?

Since Borders is closing down here, I don't have any opportunity to buy them except online, so I am waiting to do them in bundles to save money on shipping. Before that I was getting them from the local Borders, obviously...

Animorphs Posters

Do you think the reprint will lead to any new Animorphs posters?

I think that would be pretty cool! But I'm not holding my breath so far, I figure that type of stuff would be further down the line... Still. It would be pretty awesome to see new merchandise coming out I could maybe decorate my room with.


Can we have a discussion on favorite fanfictions, or the types of fan-fiction people read (if any)?

I'll read basically any fan-fiction that doesn't tie back into the stuff I write, so I don't accidentally yank a person's idea.

Also... Third book will be out tomorrow in my town :D

What edits have you caught so far?

Book 1 - The Invasion - OS versus Reprint )

Should we put a list together of things we find? I'm not really searching word by word, just the 'perilous' struck me as a bit OOC for early-on Marco.

Anyone Received Mail on Pre-Orders?

Anyone getting their re-print book orders yet from Scholastic/Amazon/etc?

I've heard lots of people saying they've gotten theirs early, but I haven't heard anything yet. I'm excited, but also wondering why I haven't heard anything!
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Discussion post: Favorite character

Who's your favorite character, and why? Simple enough question!

(Note: Comments to this post will likely contain spoilers for the entire series.)
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Breathing new life into the community

Because Dreamwidth needed an Animorphs discussion community, and what better time to do this than right as the series is about to be re-released?

Things that need to be discussed:
  • Spoiler policy. I'm thinking of just using [livejournal.com profile] animorphs's, which is that any spoilers must be cut and warned for up until the book they appear in is re-released. A decent list of said spoilers is here (warning: spoilers).
  • hi blue we should affiliate I know you're reading this because I just linked you to it
  • Right now, you can create a journal on Dreamwidth without an invite code! Offer valid for the next week, so hurry up.