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What edits have you caught so far?

• The thought-speak thing was fixed, obviously.
• Marco says 'This is perilous stuff' instead of 'This is radical stuff' around page 72-73.

Should we put a list together of things we find? I'm not really searching word by word, just the 'perilous' struck me as a bit OOC for early-on Marco.

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The bit about Jake thought-speaking to Tobias while in human form was changed to Jake not being able to thought-speak as a human. Yay for improved continuity. (Though while they were at it, I wish they would have changed Elfangor transmitting images through thought-speak, because that didn't happen again.)

Didn't catch the bit about "perilous stuff." I'm not sure why it would be necessary to change that. I think Marco is smart enough to know what the word "perilous" means, but probably wouldn't use it conversationally.
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Radical to Perilous? That sounds...kind of....a stretch?
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That's really silly.
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Also, I think a list would be kind of neat. It would be interesting to compare.