zaluzianskya: (Double colorless energy)
Zal ([personal profile] zaluzianskya) wrote in [community profile] animorphs2011-02-21 08:59 pm
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Breathing new life into the community

Because Dreamwidth needed an Animorphs discussion community, and what better time to do this than right as the series is about to be re-released?

Things that need to be discussed:
  • Spoiler policy. I'm thinking of just using [ profile] animorphs's, which is that any spoilers must be cut and warned for up until the book they appear in is re-released. A decent list of said spoilers is here (warning: spoilers).
  • hi blue we should affiliate I know you're reading this because I just linked you to it
  • Right now, you can create a journal on Dreamwidth without an invite code! Offer valid for the next week, so hurry up.

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