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Let It Be, Let It Be ([personal profile] iosonochesono) wrote in [community profile] animorphs2011-10-06 08:31 pm
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Naive Aximili Meme

Well everyone, from posting last week I thought about how cool it would be to get the 'Naive Aximili' meme to be an option again. I was speaking with another user who is a fan from another Animorphs fan website. This user worked on making the image over again so we could upload it to meme generators and have a fun time making memes. The popular one ( seems to be down, but through we now have a 'Naive Aximili' option:

And that same user is working on making memes for all the main Animorphs characters! So please feel free to spread the joy and quotes. Also, and without leaving anyone to further wonder who has done this nice thing for us, please welcome [personal profile] goom. I was going to wait until we had all the characters done to make one big introduction post, but he was pretty anxious about showing the Ax one.

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